Founder & Clinical Reflexologist Practitioner.
Brigid Cleary

Meet our founder

 Welcome and Thank You for Visiting The Reflexology Clinic.

I wanted to share with you why I love Reflexology – this Incredible Ancient Art of Healing.

Being Raised on a farm I have always being intrigued by the powerful and abundant regeneration of Nature and I truly believe that we all have that same intrinsic regeneration and abundance within us.

Working on our family farm lent itself greatly to this belief as we worked with natural products and grew all of our food free of pesticides, chemicals, and sprays. At times when a family member became unwell or injured my Mother always turned to her natural herbal and healing remedies where possible. This practice has always stayed with me, and as I navigate my life I work with my own intrinsic natural healer within.

Although I left our farm and worked as a senior executive in the Financial Services and Banking Industry for over 28 years, I have always used and maintained my interests in alternative health therapies.

In 2010 during a very challenging and emotional time when my body was struggling to cope with an incomplete miscarriage. My Reflexologist Claire visited me at the maternity hospital. After carrying out a Reflexology Treatment on me for 15 minutes I eliminated my miscarriage naturally. Reflexology played a crucial role in the release of oxytocin and assisted my body to deal with the physical release, it brought my body to a state of balance and homeostasis, creating self-regulation and internal stability.

Furthermore, Reflexology allowed me to regain my emotional balance and it offered a reprieve from the overwhelming emotions that can accompany a miscarriage. Through each session, I found a renewed sense of inner calm and strength.

I truly believe that reflexology was an essential part of my healing process during this difficult time. It supported my body in recovering from the physical aspects of the miscarriage and provided me with a space to work through the emotional pain. While it couldn’t erase the grief, it offered me a lifeline of comfort and hope.

This Reflexology Treatment had such a profound effect on me I had to find out more about the amazing healing of Reflexology. Following research, I found Mary Littlewood of Balance and Harmony School of Reflexology.

Finding Mary was Godly timing, we immediately connected and all of Mary’s teachings resonated with me on every level. Under the excellent tutelage of Mary Littlewood and Sister Ann Scott I qualified as a Reflexologist 2012 and went on assist Mary with her tuition courses over the following years.

Very sadly my beautiful Mentor and Friend passed away in 2020 and the World lost an incredible life force for purity and goodness. Her work continues in all the wonderful students she has mentored over many years. Choosing Mary and choosing Reflexology has had a deep spiritual effect on my life and I will continue to honour Mary’s legacy by passing on the beautiful gift of healing to my Reflexology Clients to bring peace, health, and balance to their lives.

My personal journey has inspired me to in addition to Clinical Reflexology, specialise and work in Women’s Health. I have qualified in Pregnancy Reflexology, Fertility, and Menopausal areas. The feminine represents much more than the potential to give life. It is the energy of creation in its purest state! It extends far beyond simple “softness” – it is a powerful and intuitive internal force.

I very much look forward to working with you to assist you in your Healing.