45mins - €75
60 mins - €90

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Types of reflexology

Our therapeutic approach to reflexology uses both foot, hand and facial reflexology to gently and efficiently quiet the nervous system and induce deep relaxation in our clients. Conditions linked to stress and anxiety are best treated with this therapy. 


45 Minutes – €65
60 Minutes – €75


Indian Head Massage is an invigorating, uplifting and revitalizing working on the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face and is based on the ancient Indian healing system called Ayurveda – the science of life. It is known to be the earliest recorded form of medical treatment dating back for thousands of years. It has played a very important role in Indian life as an important way of relieving pain and of promoting healing.

What to Expect: Your Indian Head Massage therapist will request that you disrobe from the waist up. A fresh towel is draped over the upper body, along with a blanket, if necessary, to ensure maximum comfort.

Oils are used on your head, shoulders, and neck, but if you do not wish to have any oil residue on your hair, please be sure to inform your therapist of this.

During the Indian Head Massage, you may sit or lie down your therapist is standing or seated at the end of the massage table closest to your head.

Deep tissue massage style pressure techniques are used on the neck & shoulders to achieve maximum tension relief and to help remove knots. Deep tissue massage is used on the shoulder and neck areas. The pressure intensity is always uniquely tailored to suit your individual preferences.

To maximise the benefits of the massage treatment, we recommend a calm evening of relaxation, and we recommend consuming plenty of water to help flush toxins. Avoid alcohol and other toxins such as sugary 

Indian Head Massage

45 Minutes – €70
60 Minutes – €90


Energy healing is a complementary approach based on the belief that our bodies have energy flowing through them and that healing can come from helping to balance this flow. This practice of energy healing has been around for centuries in cultures all over the world, it comes with numerous health benefits, including reduced pain, improved depression and anxiety symptoms, and an overall sense of well-being.

The Golden Tera-Mai Reiki practice comes from Kathleen Ann-Milner and there is a lineage within the healing modality which offers clients a held, yet gentle way of being with the world. It encourages us to open to the abundance that life has to offer and asks us to take responsibility for our place in the world. While we 

Golden Tera-Mai Reiki – Energy Healing

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